Why a Hybrid Surgical Suite matters:

THE HEART TEAM CONCEPT:  A Blend of Cardiology Expertise

CHRISTUS St. Patrick’s Regional Heart Center is known as the “Heart Hospital” in southwest Louisiana, having received numerous national awards and recognitions. Lake Charles residents as well as individuals from all five surrounding parishes, whose rural hospitals lack the capabilities for complex cardiac treatments, choose CHRISTUS St. Patrick as their cardiac provider. We are updating our services in order for patients to continue receiving the absolute best in cardiac care, to encourage recruitment of top cardiologists and to decrease outmigration for cardiac services.

One of those services is development of a Hybrid Surgical Suite, which mirrors that of the nation’s most prestigious heart programs and centers. It integrates a sophisticated surgical operating area with advanced imaging allowing interventional cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons to cooperate on procedures for patients who need advanced minimally invasive surgery as well as more complex surgeries.

Traditionally, if a heart catheterization procedure becomes complicated or difficult, the patient has to be transported to another part of the hospital and often times those patients are not stable. With the hybrid surgical suite, a surgeon can step in and the patient does not have to be moved. With the addition of the suite, we can bring the expertise of these two professionals together in one setting that will greatly benefit patients; it will improve safety for complex high risk procedures and open the door for new procedures.

The hybrid surgical suite is designed with a flexible movement system that allows for horizontal and vertical movement of the imaging equipment. It can easily be moved into position when needed. The design of the table allows access from a variety of angles equipped with the newest technology, large monitors and an elaborate video integration system which provides various display options. Booms and monitors are ceiling mounted keeping floor space clean and clear and allows considerable space for all support equipment and multiple staff necessary for complex procedures.

It is truly a blend of two different environments, a setting that provides the highest quality in patient care, and allows surgeons and cardiologists to work side by side to provide the patient the best of both worlds. Doctors and specialized staff can work as a team to tailor their approach to each patient’s unique heart and vascular problem.

It allows for more collaborative procedures to be facilitated that are anticipated in the future. Two separate procedures like a cardiac bypass operation and a stent being placed in a coronary artery can be performed in the same setting.

The hybrid surgical suite allows for the upmost precision and high quality of care in a situation where time is of the essence.  We are equipped with the cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeon to do that, and the hybrid surgical suite is the way to provide advanced cardiovascular care right here at home.

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